Glock 19 X

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Please Note: The Glock Experience program is closed due to Covid 19.

Glock 19 X solo experience.  Shoot the remarkable Glock 19X – fast becoming many shooters favourite Glock.  Glock describes the Glock 19X as a crossover semi-auto.  Chambered in 9 x 19mm.  Customers are often undecided about which Glock to choose from for their personal defense weapon and/or carry gun. A 19X or 19 Gen 5.


To assist the decision making this Glock Experience is minimalistic.  Approximately 30 minutes in duration a certified firearms instructor will first take you through the essential details of the Glock 19X automatic pistol. Covering all aspects of safety and basic maintenance requirements. Following this initial briefing, the customer will then progress to live fire. On one target – which the customer may keep – 30 rounds at the target

Debrief and conclude the session.


Technical Summary

1 Calibre 9 x 19 (9mm Parabellum) capacity G19X (17) 19/31/33
2 Weight Loaded Weight G19X 890 g
3 Dimensions L 189mm (185mm)W 33mm (32mm). H 128mm (139mm)

Where and what to bring?

The Glock Experience is held at:

28 Andries Street South Wynberg Sandton.

The indoor 25m indoor range is licensed by SAPS and certified by the SABS. We suggest you bring a hat, cap or scarf.  Ear and eye protection will be provided.

Additional information

Glock Experience

17 vs 19, 17 vs 22


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