9 x 19mm Parabellum

9 x 19mm cartridge schematic diagram
9 x 19mm cartridge schematic

The 9 x 19mm Parabellum.  The world’s most popular and widely used military handgun and submachinegun cartridge.  As a result it  needs little introduction. Designed by Georg Luger in 1902, the caliber has managed to go from  strength to strength.  This despite having been faced with stiff competition from such calibers as 40 Smith & Wesson.

A report on 9 x 19mm Parabellum was released by the FBI in 2014. The effectiveness of the 9 x 19mm round was compared to 45ACP and 40 Smith. As a result, it has certainly helped the 9mm Parabellum re-establish itself as top dog.

9 x 19mm Parabellum New Powders

The report indicated that the new powders and more advanced bullet designs used in current 9 x 19mm Parabellum defensive loads allowed for the caliber to deliver similar performance to other calibers. As an example  the .45 ACP, and .40 S&W.  Furthermore the FBI report made it clear that the more consistent accuracy of 9mm in the hands of their agents was a factor in their returning to 9mm as their standard handgun caliber.

winchester powder for 9 x 19mm Parabelum

If you are interested in firing a Glock chambered in 9 x 19mm and in fact comparing it to other calibers such as 45 ACP and 40 S&W sign up for a Glock Experience Event, tailor made to suit your requirements. Detailed information about our Glock Experience Event is available by going to www.glockexperience.co.za


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