Glock Parts

  1. Slide (special order only)
    Glock Schematic
  2. Barrel ( restricted licensed part special order)
  3. Recoil Spring Assembly
  4. Firing Pin
  5. Spacer Sleeve
  6. Firing Pin Spring
  7. Spring Cups
  8. Firing Pin Safety
  9. Firing Pin Safety Spring
  10. Extractor
  11. Extractor Depressor Plunger
  12. Extractor Depressor Plunger Spring
  13. Spring Loaded Bearing
  14. Slide Cover Plate
  15. Rear Site
  16. Front Site 16a Front Sight Screw
  17. Frame ( restricted licensed part special order)
  18. Magazine Catch Spring
  19. Magazine Catch
  20. Slide Lock Spring
  21. Slide Lock
  22. Locking Block
  23. Trigger Mechanism Housing
  24. Connector
  25. Trigger Spring
  26. Trigger c/w Trigger Bar
  27. Slide Stop Lever    
  28. Trigger Pin
  29. Trigger Housing Pin
  30. Locking Block Pin
  31. Magazine Tube
  32. Follower
  33. Magazine Spring
  34. Magazine Insert
  35. Magazine Floor Plate

8 thoughts on “Glock Parts

  1. Hello,

    I would like to get a quote for a G43x MOS slide for my G43x with rail?

    1. Hi Mauritz
      Slides are special order from Glock and I am sure as you are aware require a completely new license. Some folks will tell you that the slide hasn’t got a serial so it’s not restricted. Well try and argue that at customs at ORT when your slide arrives !!
      Price is also so exhorbitive to bring in one. Budget around R6K so it really isn’t worth it imo.

  2. Hi There
    I would like to know whether you do the Pyramid Trigger

    1. Hi Mariaan – we don’t do or endorse third party triggers. I believe Dave Sheer Guns may have. Many thanks

  3. Hello in searching for a price on a new slide for a Glock 19

    1. Good Day
      We don’t carry slides in stock unfortunately. We can order from the factory for you. Contact

  4. Hi
    How much will it be for you to replace my Glock 19 Gen 3 magazine catch to the extended catch?

    1. Hi Pieter
      If you bring you Glock into a branch JNB/DBN/PMB we can change the part for you onsite. Otherwise order on line and I will talk you through the process.
      Many thanks

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