Glock Spring Cups

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Glock Spring Cups come in a set of two, one for each side of the firing pin spring.  The cups “cup” the striker and capture the striker spring.  The firing pin spring has one end with more coils than the other. This is the end that the spring cups must be fitted to. Theses amphibious cups are genuine Glock OEM products.

Cups fit all Glocks.Glock Maritime Spring Cups

This item is a non-model specific product. One size fits all Glock products. They are also available as maritime cups or amphibious cups, derivation pictured here.

Maritime Cups or Amphibious Cups?

Are you are operating in an environment where water could gain ingress into your Glock?  Glock Maritime or Glock Amphibious  Spring Cups are the solutions. The slots or indents at the base of the amphibious cup will allow water to drain out of the firing pin channel. As a result, your Glock will fire and function perfectly.

Maritime Spring Cups come in a set of two, one for each side.

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Glock Spring Cups

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