Glock News South Africa 2024

Glock G49 “Limited Edition” now available in South Africa from The Glock Shop.

The G49 MOS offers the same reliability and performance as the G19 Gen 5 MOS combined with the longer sight radius of the G47 MOS. The Glock G49 is engineered for a more versatile role due to it’s reduced frame dimensions.

Glock 19X Now Available in 3 Variants in South Africa

Glock 19X three models

Glock 19X available in three variations – 

A budget model features Glock polymer sights and is extremely well priced.

The standard model has the excellent Glock Tritium filled night sights for added versatility.  

Finally the 19X Silencer Ready version with a threaded barrel is currently also in stock. 

24 round capacity extended magazines In matching Coyote brown colour are also available 

from the shop as well as Glock Performance trigger upgrades.

Glock 30 Gen 5 in-store in South Africa

Last year the Glock 21 Gen 5 in caliber 45acp was released and at last the often overlooked Glock 30 subcompact caliber 45acp has been released in Generation 5 guise and is available from The Glock Shop

With a 10 round magazine this easy to shoot but compact package allows you to bring possibly the greatest self defence caliber to the gunfight in an ultra concealable sub compact pistol.

Glock 30 Gen 5

Buyers Guide 2023

New Glock 2023 Buyers Guide is available for download – click on the image.

Glock P80 Edition now available in South Africa

GLOCK introduces the revival of the groundbreaking GLOCK P80

The GLOCK success story began in the early 80s when Gaston Glock developed an innovative pistol in a very short time and presented it to the Austrian Armed Forces. With its polymer frame and innovative Safe Action® System, this pistol exceeded the Army’s requirements and defeated the other pistol manufacturers in this tender.

It was introduced as the service pistol of the Austrian Armed Forces as the P80. Subsequently, the GLOCK P80 came to be known as the GLOCK 17 in both the law enforcement and civilian markets worldwide. This was a result of the 17th patent application for the P80 having been lodged. It has nothing to do with magazine capacity as many believe to be the case.

The GLOCK P80 is available as a special edition of the original version that was developed for the Austrian Army. This historical reproduction is honouring the 40-year anniversary of the GLOCK P80 in its original form. The GLOCK P80 comes in special packaging with a certificate of authenticity. This collector’s item is available from The Glockshop for R20 000.00 incl VAT

Glock with a Manual Safety

Glock G19MS; Glock Manual Safety; Glock Thumb Safety; Glock 19 manual safety image;

Glock with a 4th Safety!!

Glock news in South Africa 2022 sees a recent small shipment of Glock 19 Gen 3 MS (manual safety model) come into SA. This is not entirely unique as every so often Glock does release these models for sale. What was unique about this batch though was that Glock agreed to allow dealers to sell these Glock 19 manual safety to private individuals. In the past we have been limited to selling these fine pistols to registered security companies only.

The history of Glock pistols with manual safety catches goes all the back back to the inception of the pistol. A Glock manual safety was an issue during the initial Austrian Army trials of 1982, when the Austrian Army was looking for a new service pistol. The Army wasn’t used to the fact that a military weapon could be issued to troops without an external safety. Glock thus produced a pistol with a thumb safety for evaluation as well as one without. The conclusion was that the manual safety was not needed. The legend began.

A manual thumb safety on a Glock is often a departmental requirement from Police forces globally. Furthermore it can be a requirement for supply to certain armed forces. The US being one. Glock, being a commercial enterprise, does indeed regularly produce Glocks with manual safeties for specific customer requirement and every so often they do come onto the civilian market.

Glock Owners Manual

2021 Global Glock Shortages

Welcome to Glock news South Africa 2021 and what now seems to be another crazy year ahead. Glock stock (or lack of stock rather) issues are rife in SA at present. I would like to assure all our customers that we are not alone. The Factory in Austria has been under pressure to keep up with demand and hence the stock issues. My advice is that be cautious about buying a model that you do not really want just because you find one in stock. The licensing process here in SA is long and arduous. You want to make sure you are 100% happy with your purchase.

Stock issues are very apparent with the G43X rail as well as 19Gen5. These also happen to be by far the most popular Glock models.

Finally “try before you buy.” If you are in any doubt at all spend a few hundred Rand and organise a test shoot on one of our ranges and see for yourself. Owning a firearm is a bit like a marriage and it is wise to go into any long term relationship with eyes wide open.

Please find a link to the 2021 Glock Annual for your convenience. Simon Stewart January 2021

Glock 2020 Annual

Glock 2020 annual
Free Download – Glock 2020 annual

I trust that our readers and customers are coping with the lockdown. From our side at The Glock Shop/Southern Sky Operations it’s business as usual – sort of. All our staff is working remotely and are available to answer any queries that you may have. I have provided a link to download the 2020 Glock annual which should provide some interesting reading during this period. My thoughts are with you all. The Glock Annual 2020 is available as a free download from Glock US. Please mail me directly on any queries

Simon Stewart

French Army move to Glock G17 Gen5

GLOCK Austria has been awarded a contract to re-equip the entire French Army with G17 Gen5 and accessories. The benchmark Glock 17 is to be their standard handgun. 

The G17 Gen5 featuring a coyote frame with a black slide and front serrations. Furthermore, Glock luminescent sights and extended slide lock as well as a frame in Coyote colour (as per Glock 19X) and not FDE are the French militaries additional specs. The new Glock 17’s will replace existing PA MAS G1 S and PA MAC50 pistols.

Glock 17 Gen 5 Coyote
Glock 17 Gen 5 Coyote

French MOD cut through the clutter and select a legend

What I find particularly interesting is that rather than have a new model purpose-developed for them the French MOD has gone for the time tested and venerable Glock 17 platform. At a time when Glock is putting out a plethora of new models specifically to satisfy the US market, the French have seen through all the smoke and mirrors and have reverted back to first principals.

The contract over the next three years includes over 75.000 pistols, holsters, magazine pouches, suppressors, several types of ammunition and protective cases. The offered pistols underwent stringent testing by the French STAT (Section Technique de l’Armée de Terre), among others a minimum expected lifetime test of 26.350 rounds, to make sure the selected pistols and holsters fit their high standard military requirements due to the high operational employment of the French forces. 

The first G17 Gen5 pistols and accessories are to be distributed to the French troops within the first months of 2020.  Simon Stewart

Glock 43X

Great to have the Glock 43X and Glock 48 now in stock.

The Glock 43x does not disappoint. Hold it, or better still, shoot it and you’ll see what I mean. It truly becomes an extension of the hand. Perfectly balanced, beautifully designed.


Move over Glock 19X Glock G 45 is here:

No, the new Glock G 45 is not chambered for 45ACP. The G 45 is a 9mm Parabellum handgun. A Glock 19X in black? Not quite – but you wouldn’t be far wrong with that observation. Sign up for a Glock Experience and book a shoot with both the new 43X and the Glock 45.

Glock 45 9mm

Breaking Glock News  – Try any Gen 5 Glock for R299.

More Glock news South Africa is that the G26 Gen5 and the G34 Gen5 MOS are available to test-fire on our boutique indoor range in Sandton.  The shop is currently running a special  30 rounds using a Glock 17 Gen 5, Glock 19 Gen 5, Glock 26 Gen 5 or Glock 34 Gen 5 MOS.for only R299 incl VAT. You can mix and match the 30 rounds and fire the entire Gen 5 range. Actually, you can also shoot the slimline Glock 43 as well if you want. Say Simon said you could!!