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The Glock 19X and Glock 19X SILC model has created a lot of interest in the firearm-related press.   There are currently three variations of this available.

  • 19X with Polymer  Glock Sights
  • 19X with Tritium Night Sights (Called the standard model)
  • 19X with Tritium Night Sights and a treaded barrel. ( Called the SILC model)

Glock 19X three models

Glock 19X with Polymer  Sights

Recently introduced the 19X now has standard Glock polymer gunsights. The same sights you will get when you buy a G19 or 17.

Glock 19X SILC

The  SILC edition comes with a threaded barrel M13,5×1 left . This model comes with Glock nights sights as well as a threaded barrel protector

Modular Handgun System (MHS)

The 19X is a civilian commercial version of Glock’s MHS (modular handgun system) submission to the US Military. According to Glock the 19X – or rather their submission – met all the requirements of the US Armies specifications. In fact, it apparently exceeded certain specs.

The reality is though Glock was beaten by Sig.  It must hurt to lose a $580 million contract to replace the Army’s entire stock of Beretta M9 handguns. As a result, there have been a number of nasty insinuations and counter allegations. Perhaps we the public are the winners though.  The result of Glock’s submission is the commercially available Glock 19X.

Glock 19X 9mm pisto;
Glock 19 X crossover 9mm pistol

Best of both G17 and G19

 A key design brief put to Glock engineers was to design for the best of both G17 and G19 attributes.  “Develop a new model to combine the comfort and handling of the full-size G17 frame with the concealability and effectiveness of the G19”. This unification of Glocks two most popular models would hopefully result in the ultimate pistol.

Glock 19X Concealability Tradeoffs

If you conceal carry you will know that the grip is the hardest part of the firearm to keep hidden. A slightly longer barrel and slide can be accommodated without too much discomfort. Especially when standing. The 19X with a G17 frame and plus two mag is not the ideal CCW. Realistically it gets back to the MHS brief which I mention above. In general, a military issue sidearm does not have concealability high on the agenda.

Glock 19X with Case

  • G19X pistol with lanyard clip
  • One G19X standard magazine (17 rds)
  • Two Glock 19X extended magazines (17+2 rds)
  • Self luminescent* rear and front sights (steel)
  • Set of beavertail backstraps (M/L)
  • Pistol case
  • Speed loader (black)
  • Cleaning kit
  • Instructions for use

Massively Improved Handling

Personally, I have never been a huge Glock 19 fan. But I love the 19X. That snappiness of a G19 that I found difficult to recover from is gone.

Sure there are 20 odd internal improvements. The single most important one is high school physics.

Torque is Force x Radius.

You simply have a longer radius arm to hold onto to counter the recoil. The result is that the Glock 19X shoots really sweetly out at 15 to 20 meters. At 20 meters 100 mm groups are quite possible for me, who battles to keep a standard 19 on an A5 piece of paper at that distance.

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Additional information

Glock 19X 9mm

Polymer Sights, Standard, SILC


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