Glock 19X Buyers Guide

The Glock 19X buyers guide points out why this purchase is such a good deal . Launched 6 years ago, the G19X is now offered in a choice of three derivative’s. Namely the cheaper polymer sight version, standard with night sights and then SILC with night sights threaded barrel option.

Overlooked Extras

The 19x ships with three mags not two like all other GLOCKS in South Africa. That in itself is a saving of between R700/800. Then factor in that the stock Glock 19X comes standard with a decent set of night sights instead of Glock polymer sights. Decent night sights are going to cost at least R2.5k. This means that straight out the box the 19X has R3500.00 worth of extras. Couple this with the fact that the 19X has a superior hand feel to any Glock 19 yet is almost as easy to carry leaves me scratching my head why we sell any G19Gen5’s. It’s got to be the colour I guess.

The Glock 19X buyers guide must stress that this pistol combines the best features of two of Glock’s most popular pistol platforms. The full-size GLOCK 17 frame and the compact GLOCK 19 slide. The G19X comes with the first-ever factory coloured slide. If you exclude black/grey as a colour!! The slide is not “Ceracoate.” The surface treatment on the slide is nPVD (Physical vapour deposition) which prevents corrosion. The PVD coating is deeper than the colour. The result is that even if the coating appears to have worn down with holster wear, the slide is still protected from corrosion. Additional features include the GLOCK Marksman Barrel (GMB), no finger grooves, ambidextrous slide stop levers and lanyard loop. The 19X comes with a coyote coloured polymer foam lined pistol case.

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Glock 19X Buyers Guide Heads-up Extended 24 Round Magazine

Glock 19X 24 round extended are now available. These reliable Glock OEM magazines are in exactly the same colour “Coyote” polymer as the mags that come with the 19X.

Full Glock 19X Buyers Guide Specifcations on the Glock EU website

6 thoughts on “Glock 19X Buyers Guide

  1. availability of Glock 19X? How best to place an order and at what best price?

    1. Dear Mr Coetzee
      Many thanks for the interest shown in the Glock 19X pistol.
      Currently, we only have the Streamlight edition available at R19500.00. This is a limited edition of the 19X complete with a Glock branded Streamlight tactical torch.


      New stock of the standard 19X will probably arrive before the end of the year around Sept/Oct. Difficult to estimate the price but probably around the
      16K mark. Let me know if you would like to go onto a contact list.

  2. Do you have stock available of 19x in the Durban area?

    1. Dear Andrew\
      Yes we do have 19X’s
      Here is a link to all Glock we currently have in stock:

  3. Do you have a store in Durban?

    1. Hi Sivan – SSO at 61 Willowfield Crescent Springfield Park
      Many thank s

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