Roni Buyers Guide

Roni Buyers Guide

This Roni buyers guide has been updated to include a review of the CAA Roni – MCK Gen 2

The Micro Roni Glock carbine conversion improves ergonomics and boosts accuracy. Did I mention looks pretty cool too. There have been a number of developments with micro Roni’s over the last two years. I often get queries in my mailbox about the different Roni models. Now with the release of the MCK Gen 2 it becomes even more confusing. As a result, I have drawn up this Roni Buyers Guide to try and assist in your selection and purchase of a new Roni for your Glock “Safe Action” pistol. Prices have come down and bargains are to be had.

Essentially these are the frame variants currently available:

  • Roni Gen4 Triangular shroud (G17/19/19X/22/23/45) R5150 incl VAT (Currently no stock in SA)
  • Gen4X Triangular shroud (G17/19/19X/22/23/45}. R6500 incl VAT (currently no stock in SA)
  • Roni MCK Gen1 Round shroud in two variants (G17/19/19X/22/23/45)//(G20/G21) R4995 incl VAT
  • Roni MCK Gen2 Round Shroud in five variants: R6499.00 incl VAT

(G17/19/19X/22/23/45)/ /(G26)/ /(G43/43X/48)/ /(G20/G21)/ /(G34)

Roni Kit and Roni Advanced Kit. What’s the difference?

You can buy your Roni three ways:

  • bare chassis and you then add on extras you require
  • basic kit
  • advanced kit.

The best value for money is # 1 – the bare chassis and then add on.

The basic kit includes: Sling& Swivel, Thumb Rest and Flip Up Sight Set.

The advanced kit includes Sling& Swivel, Thumb Rest and Flip Up Sight Set a plastic storage case and the CAA flashlight. All Roni variants are available in these advanced kits including MCK Gen 2.

Roni Buyers Guide – Chassis Options Explained

MCK Roni Glock 19X;Roni Buyers Guide
The tan Coloured Roni MCK works exceptionally well with the Coyotee Glock 19X in a pleasing colour combination. 24 round Coyote magazines available from The Glock Shop

Roni Gen4   

The Roni Gen4 chassis is not frame specific. Therefore it is suitable for full-frame Glock (G17) as well as Compact Frame Glocks (G19) in 9mm/40S&W and 357SIG. There is a simple shroud adjustment that needs to be made with an Alan key to accommodate a Full frame or Compact frame Glock “Safe Action ” pistol.

Roni Gen4


  • Gen3/Gen4 and Gen5 compatible
  • Full Frame & Compact Frame Compatible


  • Diagonal Strut on fore grip is not to everyones taste – works fine me though!!

Roni Gen4X

The Roni Gen4X does not have the 45 degree brace on the fore grip like the Gen4 and like the Gen4 is not frame specific. It is suitable for full-frame Glock (G17) as well as Compact Frame Glocks (G19) in 9mm/40S&W and 357SIG. There is a simple shroud adjustment to accommodate a Full frame or Compact frame Glock “Safe Action ” pistol. The Alen key provided is used to reposition the insert inside the triangular shroud to accommodate the two frame sizes.


  • Gen3/5 and 5 compatible
  • Full Frame & Compact frame compatible


  • Triangular shroud limits third party attachments
Roni Gen 4X

Roni MCK Gen1

The Roni MCK Gen 1, is not frame specific. The Roni Buyers Guide best value option for sure. It is suitable for full-frame Glock (G17) as well as Compact Frame Glocks (G19) in 9mm/40S&W and 357SIG. There is a simple adjustment on the MCK to accommodate a Full frame or Compact frame Glock “Safe Action ” pistol.


  • Glock Gen3/5 and 5 compatible
  • Glock Full Frame & Compact frame compatible
  • improved adjustment screw for Full frame or compact frame selection
  • ergonomic front grip

Roni Buyers Guide CAA Roni MCK Gen2

Roni Buyers Guide; Roni MCK Gen2
CAA MCK Gen2 is now available for almost every Glock model.

Certainly the president of CAA USA, Mikey Hartman can not be accused of being complacent with what many consider to be a damn fine product. Of course I refer to the MCK Gen1. CAA have now introduced the MCK Gen 2 version and yes there are significant improvements over the previous model. Some of these improvements have been costly though. This is reflected in the price difference between a Gen 1 as opposed to a Gen 2. Gen 1 Roni MCK is still available and still offers great value for money. I am going to cover three of the major design upgrades from Gen 1 to Gen 2 here in this Roni Buyers guide.

MCK Gen 2 Aluminium Accessory Rail

The MCK Gen 2 has a fully aluminium picatinny accessory rail mounted on top. Really well made and precisely machined this rail not only allows sights to be securely attached but promotes added stiffness to the frame. This added stiffness is clearly demonstrated out at the 45m mark where improved grouping and accuracy is easily noticeable. Some – including myself – may question that the 45m plus mark is a greater distance than we intend to use a 9mm carbine conversion. I guess old habits die hard though and Mikey as a retired Lt. Colonel who commanded the IDF Sharpshooting and Marksmanship School just couldn’t resist an opportunity to improve long distance performance of this platform.

CAA; MCK Gen 2;Roni Buyers Guide
Well made and rock solid aluminium picatinny rail helps lock down sights and improves accuracy
Roni MCK Gen2 Logo

MCK Gen 2 Magazine Release

Roni’s have always had a friction fit spare magazine holder in the fore grip. I for one have never had an issue with this and always coped reasonably well with the design. Having a spare mag holder that is engineered so well that when you insert a mag you are rewarded with a very satisfying snug click is most welcome. When you need the spare mag the release button is intuitively positioned. The mag needs to be removed from the holder after pressing the button. It obviously does not “free fall” drop out like a pistol as that would be an error in design. The mag is full and you don’t want it dropping out of reach.

CAA MCK Gen 2 magazine release detail; Roni Buyers Guide

MCK Gen 2 Charging Handle

The MCK Gen 2 comes with the newly redesigned charging handle. Not only does this new charging handle grab the rear slide serrations it makes more surface contact with the entire top of the slide. Furthermore there is a small pocket in the charging handle (indicated in yellow below) that grabs hold of the rear sight as well thus maximising surface area contact . The consequence is a smoother, stronger pullback and less wear and tear on the slide as well as the charging handle.

MCK Gen 2;Roni Buyers Guide

Roni Buyers Guide to Accessories

  • Quick Detach swivel R299.00
  • One point sling R987.85
  • Torch R2294.25
  • Flip-Up Sights R2183.85
  • Red Dot Sights R2250.00
  • Thumb rests R373.75

Sling & Swivel

Are you patrolling long hours or doing a spot of rappelling with your Roni? If the answer is yes then this is an essential accessory. It’s a well made elasticised MIL-spec piece of kit.

If you are vehicle-based or the average oke and have selected a Roni for home defense leave the sling and swivel out. Slings have a habit of getting in the way when you don’t need them to. Enough said.

micro Roni sling one point attachment

Flashlight Torch

  • Can you get a better brighter torches for less money? Yes.
  • Is the CAA Roni Torch great value? No
  • Do I have one on my personal Roni? Yes

It’s expensive but it fits and works perfectly with your Roni. I have tried third party lights mounted on the side rails but they just don’t cut it.

  • neat and integrated into frame
  • easy and intuitive to operate
  • mounting point on the axis of the pistol


  • Pricey
CAA Torch;CAA Flashlight

Flip Up Sights

Essential equipment for your Roni.  Use these as a BUIS (back up iron sight) for a Red Dot or as the primary sighting system. The rear aperture is large and excellent for low light conditions and close-quarters work. There is a medium aperture for targets further out. There has been a redesign on these sights and the earlier models are no longer available. The new design (pictured below) is frankly not as well made as the earlier model. The upside is that being a cheaper design the price has dropped. Would you fit them onto an M4 platform? No. They are fine for a Roni.

CAA flip up sights detail
Twin aperture flip ups

Roni Buyers Guide – RED DOT SIGHTS

MCK Gen 2; Glock 43X;Aimpro Red Dot
MCK Gen with Glock 43x MCK flip Up sights and Aimpro red-dot

You will never have so much fun with a red-dot on your Roni. I guarantee you will shoot more ammo than you can afford and be buying a new recoil spring assembly for your Glock before you know it. The Aimpro Dual Retiicle quad colour (pictured below) is my recommendation. The two choices of reticle color for contrast against any target/background (red and green) Furthermore, there is unlimited eye relief. with a wide field of view. 24x33mm window for ultra-fast target acquisition. R2250 incl VAT

Aimpro;red-dot;aimpro red dot;
Aimpro Dual Colour Red/Green Dot reflex gunsight for Roni

Thumb Rests

Last on the list for a reason. In my opinion a total waste of plastic. The Roni has close to zero recoil so I think the thumb rest is redundant. Save the money for ammo.

micro Roni thumb rests
CAA Thumb Rest Set

36 thoughts on “Roni Buyers Guide

  1. Hi I have one of the 1st glock 27 40 . Will a roni work on my firearm

    1. Good Day Sir
      Yes it will – if you are concerned you are more than welcome to take your G27 into one of the stores in Durban, Maritzburg or Joburg and check for fit.
      All G27’s have accessory rails and thus will fit a MCK gen2 G26/27 fit.

      1. Glock 27 does not have accessory rails.

        1. Yes it does Kobie

        2. If you put your clock in roni is it classified as I rifle or pistol by law

          1. In South Africa, it remains a pistol.

  2. Hi there. Got glock 17 gem2.
    I bought a roni for gem4. Can you swap me for a gem 2 , or how much is a gem 2 roni? Do you got stock im in Hilton. Urgent please

    1. Hi Carel
      I’m guessing you did’t buy from us. At this point there is no Roni MCK that will fit your Gen2 G17 not even the MCKGen2.

  3. Looking for a Roni. Glock17. Not sure what generation it is. Its about 20 years old. Do you have a Roni that will fit?

    1. Hi Sean. Your Glock 17 needs to be either Gen3/4 or 5 to fit in a Roni. This can be identified by the accessory rail on the underside of the frame. If your model does not have this accessory rail it will not fit the Roni. By way of explanation an accessory rail – sometimes called a “tac rail” allows the attachment of a flash or laser to the underside of the frame.

  4. I fitted my glock in someone elses Roni and my glock fitted perfectly into the roni and i DONT HAVE tac rails……..

    1. Yes it does fit. Is it safe to use? Definitely NO. The Roni engages the accessory rail to locate it when firing.

      1. I have the same problem with my gen2 40cal model 23 I’m trying to get a mck Gen 2 for the 19and 23 with spare magazine release and but stock. Working on making a attachment to safely align the Glock 23 model gen2

        1. Hi Graham
          Please let us know how that goes – I would be most interested in following your progress on this. Many thanks. Simon

  5. Hi there Is the Gen 4 roni still available? I dontblike how the new roni feels .

    1. Hi Marc
      Sorry the Gen4 Roni is no longer available. If you are in any doubt about the Roni MCK Gen1 or Gen2 please come instore and test one out.
      Many thanks

  6. Hi
    Have you got the MCK torches in stock?

    1. Good Day – yes we do have CAA torches in stock for Roni MCK

  7. Hi there, I have a G44, G45 and plan on getting the G43X what are my Roni options please, CAA MCK Gen 2 for G45 and G43X what about the G44, many thanks

    1. Good day
      Options are not great for this mix. Right now we don’t have a Roni for a G44. Furthermore the Roni for G45 is not the same as the model for a G43X. The G45 fits both Roni MCK Gen 1 and 2 for standard and compact frame Glocks ie G17 and G19/G45. The G43X only fits Roni MCK Gen2 Glock 43/43X 48 fit model.

  8. Hi I have the old caa roni g2 9mm/.40 for my glock 23 gen 4 .40.

    I seem to have misplaced my charging handle for the roni .

    How do I acquire a new charging handle

    J jamal

    1. Dear Mr Jamal
      The shop does stock spare charging handles for Roni. Is this a MCK Gen2 you have? Please send a pic of the Roni to just to be sure and we will send you a proforma invoice for a new handle. Please include a postal code so we can include a courier delivery fee as well. Many thanks

  9. Hi,
    Do you perhaps have an agent in Port Elizabeth so that we down here also have the luxury of walking into the store and trying out your gun, as well as a display of all the colours and models available.

    1. Hi Trevor
      Thank you for the message. At present, we only have 3 stores in GP and KZN. Thank you so much for your interest.
      Best Regards
      Simon Stewart

  10. Is there a alluminium rail replacement for gen4x and is the gen4x lite compatible with the mck gen 2

    1. Hi Nico – at this point we do not have an aluminum replacement rail for Gen4X Roni. In fact we have been battling to get any stock of Gen4X’s at all
      Many thanks, Simon

  11. Hi,

    I have a glock 43x (black slide with a rail). Is there a roni that is compatible? So far what I’ve noticed is the ronis don’t close and lock properly (the red marking, under, is not fully visible
    through the inspection hole) as well as the gun not cycling properly when the charging handle is pulled.

    Please advise.


    1. Hi Zaheed – there is a Roni for the 43X available. You could go into any of the stores -PMB/JNB/DBN and view one. Many thanks

  12. Hi there Simon. Do you guys stock charge handles for the gen4x. Thanks

    1. Hi Mr Khan
      Yes we do keep charging handles in stock. I could get Irene to send you a proforma invoice. Just let me know at
      Many thanks

  13. Good day,
    I’m looking for a replacement triangular & adjustable Glock 19 shroud to fit my Roni Gen. 4 as the current shroud does not extend back far enough for a Glock 19x and is not adjustable.
    Also looking for the tactical light housing sleeve only and the two trigger guard tensioners inside of the main housing.
    I will appreciate your feedback on this, or an indication that it can be sourced from somewhere & also a cost estimate, please?

    1. Good Day
      Thank you for the mail.
      It sounds like your Roni is the dedicated G17 OR G19 model, not the later model that has 17/19 printed on the shroud. Am I correct?
      I am afraid these older models are no longer supported.
      Best Regards
      Simon Stewart – The Glock Shop

  14. Hi guys, I just painted my mck gen 2 and when I put back the butt stock that little door stay in lock position, can you help me with that ??
    That was a month ago and I cant used

    1. Hi John
      This doesn’t sound like a huge issue – any chance you can bring it in to one of the stores. Sandton, Maritzburg or Durbs?

  15. Hi, I have a Glock 26 Gen3. Is there a Roni for it? (No tactical grooves underneath the frame)

    1. Thank you for the enquiry. Please find the link below for the model Roni for your Glock 26 Gen3
      select G26 from the dropdown menu.

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