Glock Calibre 10mm auto

Calibre 10mm auto

Glock calibre 10mm auto are available in various frame sizes and configurations all with the legendary “safe action” reliability.

The 10mm auto (10 x 25mm) was developed by legend Jeff Cooper. This powerful cartridge was briefly selected by the FBI. This was a bit of a knee jerk reaction following the famous 1986 FBI Miami shootout which involved two suspects and eight FBI agents. The incident lasted under five minutes yet approximately 145 shots were exchanged. The two suspects were shot respectively six and twelve times and two agents died and all but one was wounded.

Shortly after introduction the FBI withdrew the caliber for standard use deeming it too difficult to shoot by the average agent. It still remains in use by the SWAT teams and the FBI Hostage Rescue Teams.

The flat shooting 10mm has ballistic characteristics similar to the 41 magnum revolver cartridge, it favoured by big game hunters as a back up when hunting dangerous game and is a formidable tactical and self defense caliber.

Interested in firing a Glock chambered in the awesome 10mm auto ? Sign up for a Glock Experience Event, tailor made to suit your requirements and shoot the pistol that would make “Dirty Harry’s” day.

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