Glock 20 Gen 4

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GLOCK 20 Gen 4

The Glock 20 Gen 4 is is chambered for  the 10mm auto  which since it’s introduction in 1983 the calibre  has certainly travelled down the hero to zero path. What was once perceived as the new wunderkind on the block,  the 40 Smith seems to have stolen it’s celebrity status along the way sadly. Sadly? Yes, as the 10mm auto is pretty much as good as it gets for a pistol calibre. It certainly out performs 40 Smith & Wesson and performs a lot more like a 41 magnum than a 9mm para.
Now marry this to the hi-tech polymer Glock 20 Gen 4 which considerably reduces felt recoil and one understands why for the hunting community this 10 mm Auto is so popular; especially when hunting dangerous game.
The G20  with a capacity of 15 rounds delivers the 10mm auto with 550 foot pounds of energy with the ease and accuracy synonymous with the Glock brand.
A safe and reliable companion the G20 has the the modular back strap system that makes it possible to instantly customise its grip to accommodate any hand size. The reversible magazine catch makes it ideal for lefties as well.

Glock 20 Gen 4  Rough Textured Frame Surface

This more aggressive, non-slip surface provides a more secure grip and better traction. For quite a while, some Glock owners had been getting custom texturing on their pistols to get what is now standard on Gen4 models

Glock 20 Gen 4  Replaceable Backstraps

The Glock Gen 4 MOS  has  two insert options, medium and large or you can leave the pistol as is, in small or what Glock refer to as short frame configuration.

Glock 20 Gen 4  Magazine Release Catch

The enlarged mag release catch is now easily reversible to either the left or right side.

Glock 20 Gen 4  Magazine

The Glock 17 Gen4 MOS Magazine now features a pair of notches that will allow positive operation with all types of existing mag catches.

Glock 20 Gen 4  Recoil Spring

The Glock G20 Gen 4  has a dual recoil-spring system that features a progressive spring rate reducing felt perceived recoil.

Calibre – 10mm autop

Mag Capacity -15.

Weight Unloaded -870g

Barrel length – 117mm

Size (LxWxH) – 205x34x140 (without sight)

Glock 20 Gen 4  Detailed Specifications :  Glock EU


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