Micro Roni Gen 4 Review

micro Roni Gen 4 review

This micro Roni Gen 4 review is about some amazing engineering that has been going on at CAA.   The Gen 5 Glock is 2mm wider than it’s Gen3/4 predecessors.  Amazingly the new micro Roni Gen 4 works with the Glock Gen 5 and the two previous generations. Gen 3,4 and 5.  Most importantly, it works for full frame and compact frame Glocks as well. That is a huge step forward. From our experience, micro Roni’s are often owned by enthusiasts with more than one Glock. Often in two frame sizes. This inherent interchangeability really is good news.

CAA – Command Arms Accessories

The Roni system was developed in 2008 by Command Arms Accessories – CAA. Roni (pronounced Row-Nee) is the name of the daughter of CEO, Moshe Oz. Roni means “Sweet Music” ~  load up a 33 round happy stick and indeed that is what this latest offering delivers.

Aircraft Grade Aluminium and Tough Polymer

The Micro Roni Gen 4 is made from a tough polymer body, injection molded around an aircraft grade aluminum spine. There is a full-length Picatinny rail on top as well as two smaller lateral rails located on the port and starboard side of the centerline. Furthermore, there is recessed hard point directly below the barrel that accommodates a  CAA torch.

To open the folding stock press the release catch on the underside of the Roni. Immediately you realize this is not an airsoft toy. Lockup on the stock is mil-spec tight. Absolutely no wiggle.  Furthermore, the weapon can be fired with the stock folded. and again controlled and accurate. Single handled fire is possible and again controlled and accurate.

Negligible Recoil

The butt of the stock is adequately comfortable in the shoulder considering it’s pretty slender. Fine though for 9mm but would pinch with a 7.62 round. The recoil is negligible so the slenderness is not an issue at all. The lack of recoil, however, does allow you to execute impressive double taps that would make Mike Rousseau proud.

Roni Quick Detach Sling

Below the stock is a quick detach point for a sling. CAA make an excellent one point sling at a very reasonable price. HERE. Getting familiar with the Roni platform is effortless. Seamlessly integrating with your Glock, it feels like a natural extension rather than a third party add-on.

Micro RONI Gen 4 Review

Exposed Slide Release:

The micro Roni now has the slide release exposed. Right in front of the charging handle, it is simple to reach and makes the slide release super easy to get to and use.

micro Roni Gen 4 slide release detail

Larger Ejection Port:

A larger ejection port makes it a breeze to visually inspect the breech and magazine-well without even demounting the Roni from your shoulder.  Furthermore, potential jams are super easy to clear due to the ease of access even with tactical gloves on.

Charging Handle:

The charging handle is a simple molding that is now captive in the Roni and not removable. As a result, getting misplaced or lost is a thing of the past. Why is the charging handle in FDE coloured polymer instead of matching the rest of the Roni? I really can’t answer that. I just know if the micro Roni Gen 4 review directed the question to CAA the response would be: “Am I more concerned about form than functionality?” The charging handle attaches by locating in the serrations of your Glock slide. It simply clicks into place to become the charging handle slide assembly. Manipulating the slide is very easy as the slide handle creates mechanical advantage.  The Gen 4 handle integrates with Gen3/4 and 5 Glock slides. Furthermore, it is ambidextrous.

micro roni gen 4 charging handle

CAA 500-Lumen Flashlight

The CAA torch at first appears unimposing. Especially when you consider the nearly R2K excluding VAT price tag. All is forgiven though when you slide it into the purpose-built recess under the barrel. You are rewarded with a satisfying click of good engineering. The torch is light and bright and tough. The position is perfect for balance and maximum illumination of the target. You could, of course, mount a third party flashlight on one of the two side accessory rails if you wanted to save a few hundred on a torch.


The micro Roni foregrip also houses an ambidextrous trigger cover that acts as a safety. It is unobtrusive and will stay out of the way if that’s what you desire. Even if you place a lot of trust in the Glock “3 safety system” it still makes sense to have a trigger safety.   This trigger guard safety ensures nothing gets close to or snags the trigger.

The foregrip doubles up as a spare magazine carrier.  It has a  friction slot that holds an extra magazine in reserve. Select the right size Glock mag and it really gives the kit a very cool look. The mag I choose purely for aesthetics for the images on The Glock Shop site was a 17 Plus 2. The mag in the Glock 17 is a 33 round happy stick.  Some may be concerned about a magazine just being located by friction. Don’t be!  The retention on that backup mag is very stiff.  To such a degree though that it does make it a little difficult to pull the mag out. There is a bit of technique involved but it may be a challenge under pressure.

New Triangular Barrel Shroud

Incorporated in the new triangular-shaped barrel shroud is the sliding sleeve that allows the micro Roni Gen 4 to accommodate both full and compact frame Glocks. Simply back off the alan head set screw at the top of the shroud and slide the sleeve forward or backward. This allows shifting between full frame (Glock 17) and compact frame-sized Glock pistols Glock 19.

micro Roni Gen 4 muzzle shroud

Breecher Flash Hider

The breecher flash hider is an expensive albeit visually intimidating add-on to the micro Roni Gen 4. The Flash hider transforms the already purposeful looking Roni into the intergalactic realms.  The serrated fore-end is purpose designed to break vehicle windows. Also, use to devastate your 0pponenent when the ammo runs out.  Perhaps a hole saw for your next DIY project?

micro Roni Gen 4 breecher


Micro Roni Gen 4 Accuracy

The accuracy of your Glock is not improved by the Roni kit. You – the operator’s accuracy is improved by using the micro Roni Gen 4  – dramatically.
Purely by having four points of contact, the Roni will optimize the accuracy of your Glock. Follow up shots are quick and accurate. Impressive groups out at 40 m completely achievable.
It’s a formidable package. It looks the part. Aggressive – Tactical and Tech.
Those very characteristics may give you the psychological advantage over opponents facing you in a break in/ gunfight scenario.

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  1. Why is the Acog Scope in the picture facing backwards?

    1. and what about the thumbrests 🙂

  2. Backwards optic? Did biden make this?

    1. 🙂

  3. Hey,
    What about micro roni 4 with Glock 19c?

    1. Hi Moshe
      Because of the nature of the porting on a 19C we wouldn’t recommend it for use in a Roni

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