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The long-awaited Glock 19 Gen 5 MOS has finally arrived. A few demos snuck into SA, in November last year. Just enough to whet the appetite. Then interminable delays and disappointments later, stock has finally arrived.

Ask Instructor Zero

Personally, I have never been overly excited about a  Glock 19 with a red dot. A 19 is a CQC (close quarters combat) pistol. When stuff hits the fan, there is not a lot of time to react. Instinctive shooting with little time to gain a true sight picture is the reality. I always consider a red dot to be a bit of a hindrance in these circumstances rather than a benefit. That is a personal opinion and  it’s a debate I am going to have with “Instructor Zero” when he is out here in South Africa next month.*

Now, clear the mind, unbox a new 19 Gen 5 MOS put on a Truglo RMR and you can feel your views starting to change. It looks so damn cool.

Glock 19 Gen 5 MOS improvements

There is no introduction necessary for the Glock 19. Simply: “the worlds best-selling semi-auto pistol – period.” Gen 5 is the refining of an already excellent product. Now get rid of the annoying FBI inspired half moon cut out on the base of the front strap, add front serrations and a red dot optic and you indeed have a functional thing of beauty.

Red Dot Options

I mounted a Truglo red-dot optic on the 19 MOS.  The Truglo reflex sight is a low profile 3MOA RMR (rugged mini red-dot). The folks at Truglo in Richardson, Texas have spent a lot of time developing this sight. Low profile and machined from a solid billet of aircraft grade aluminum this a mid-priced contender in the competitive reflex sight market.

Glock MOS pistols come with a set of 4 mounting plates. These mounting plates are configured to accept a wide variety of red dot optics. They also include mounting screws for the adapter plate and longer screws for the blank cover. as well as a small Torx© screwdriver. Ask the guys at the shop to install your sight for free and the will put a drop of  Loctite 241 on all the fasteners as well.

MOA and Red Dot Sights

Ejection Pattern Ideal for Red Dot Optics

On the range the Glock 19 Gen 5 MOS is impressive. Glock addressed the ejection pattern on Gen 5. The ejector geometry has been significantly altered from Gen 4. The result is a clean right-hand ejection pattern well away from the optic. Did I mention your face as well?

Reliability and Stoppages

Glock Gen 5’s, like the more diminutive G 43 Slimline, truly run like a Hilux. We have a demo G34 Gen 5 that has fired over 3000 rounds of mainly reloads and has never had a stoppage and, I kid you not, has never been cleaned. I have only shot a few boxes of mixed ammo through the new Gen 5 Glock 19 MOS. Mainly Diplopoint reloads but Winchester Ranger T’s, S&B JHP and solids. Every round chambered, fired and ejected with Glock Perfection. Just what you would expect.

Technical Details

Glock EU


The Glock Modular Optical System (MOS) ~ Simon Stewart

Want a Demo?

Call Dyllan Barlow at the Sandton Shop. 011 440 8755 and for R299 you can shoot a new Gen 5 MOS on our VIP range.

* Instructor Zero will be in South Africa in July.


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