Glock 19 Tactical Flashlight

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Glock 19 tactical flashlight is perfect for EDC use. This is a result of being supplied with a matching Kydex IWB holster that keeps your torch snugly protected along with your Glock 19/17 EDC sidearm.

Before we even discuss the torch it is worth mentioning that the holster itself is a very decent bit of kit. A Glock 19 Gen 3 or 5 ( I tested both) fit snugly and well. The holster is well made has quality hardware and the Kydex feels thick and durable.

Warriorland Practical Flashlight:

I have been evaluating this torch since March of 2023. Is it robust enough for an EDC application?  The casing is not aircraft grade Maglite style aluminium but rather a polymer. I was thus initially a tad cautious. It has performed exceptionally well though albeit it’s tactical applications have mainly been assisting me open the front door on dark nights.

For sure being kept in a snug fitting and well designed holster extends the life of any flash. At the price point I think it is a winner. Light and bright and not intrusive. More than suitable for any but the most arduous of missions.  Perfect for a G19/17/22/23/45/47

Kydex IWB G19 Holster for tactical light


  •  Waterproof design-IPX4 rated;
  • Index finger is easy to press on/off button for convenience;
  • Replace the batteries without detaching the light from weapon;
  • 150 Lumens 100m;
  • Max canadela: 2000cd 100m beam distance;
  • 2*CR-1/3N lithium batteries;
  • Runtime: 60mins at the highest output;
  • Compatible concealed carry kydex holster included

Glock tactical flash operating modes

Additional information

Weight 500 g
Dimensions 300 × 220 × 50 mm


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