Glock 44

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The Glock 44 is a 22 rimfire compact semi-automatic pistol. Sharing many identical internal components as it’s larger better known 9mm Glock pistols. The G44 has the same trigger feel as a full-sized Glock thus making it an ideal training weapon. Field stripping is identical to a 9mm Glock. Dimensionally the G44 is identical to a Glock 19.  The Glock 44 has adjustable polymer rear sights a 10 shot magazine. Furthermore, like all new Glocks, it comes complete with front serrations. Glock FS. We are expecting delivery of the first consignment from early to mid-February 2020. Pricing at present is tagged at R8795 incl VAT.  There is a threaded barrel option that will also be available. Book your G44 now by going onto the pre-order list.

Training with Glock 44 Calibre .22Glock 44 Decal

Is a .22 of any relevance as far as firearms training is concerned? The short answer is yes. 9mm ammunition – even reloads – are expensive and the affordability of .22 ammo makes it the perfect training calibre. An argument is that the recoil is almost nonexistent. This coupled to the fact that the report of a 22 is significantly less than a 9mm some may argue gives the shooter a false sense of what’s to come when moving onto bigger calibres.

Most importantly, the fact remains is that the more you use a handgun, the more familiar you become with them. The result is the better shot you will be.  Trigger control and learning sight alignment and sight picture are fundamentals regardless of calibre.  In an ideal world, your training .22 should have the same weight, trigger pull as your defensive carry weapon. In summary, the  Glock 44 is exactly that: the best training/ab initio pistol for the existing or aspirant Glock user.

Full Specification on the GLOCK EU website

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Weight 2 g
Dimensions 26 × 18 × 5 mm


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