Glock Credit Card Case

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Glock credit card case is a  “Marble Safe”  slim and stylish credit card case that gets its distinct look by mixing stainless steel and faux leather. This results in a marble-like appearance but without the weight. The Glock credit card case can hold approximately ten cards. Additionally, it has the added benefit of RFID protection*, blocking would-be wireless thieves from trying to steal your personal information. Organization with security and elegance.

Glock Credit card holder


RFID skimming* 

Modern credit and debit cards have a built-in chip that transmits the cards’ information wirelessly. This is because it is necessary in order to enable contactless (Tap) payments. Criminals can take advantage of this new technology by using a scanner.  This wirelessly scans the victim’s card in the same way that a cash register scans it when making a contactless payment.  A criminal can hide the scanner e.g. inside a glove or a bag, and then place himself close to the victim and wirelessly steal the victim’s payment card information. With the wirelessly obtained payment card information, the criminal can use it to make fraudulent purchases online

Glock Credit Card Case

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Dimensions 22 × 15 × 2 mm


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