Glock Front Sight Tool

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Glock Sight tool enables you to effortlessly remove the front sight screw on any Glock facilitating front sight removal and replacement.

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Glock Front Sight Tool is a precision tool that makes front sight removal on your Glock a breeze. Designed to look like a mini Glock armourers tool.  The Glock front sight tool is precisely made and has a Glock Polymer ll grip handle. As a result of the narrow socket design, sight removal is a simple operation.

Glock Sight Tool
Glock Tools OEM

What is a Glock Front Sight Tool Exactly?

A Glock front sight tool is a 3/16″ nut driver with a very thin wall thickness used to remove the front sight screw that holds the front sight to the slide. Most nut drivers won’t fit because there is very little space between the hex head of the screw and the front of the slide.

A great addition to your Glock Gunsmiths kit.

The Glock Shop recommends a drop of Loctite 242 to the thread of your front sight prior to installation. Available from the shop in sachet form at a very reasonable price.

  • Front sight screw removal and replacement
  • 3/16″Nut Driver  Hexagonal
  • Genuine Glock OEM Tool
  • Fits all Glocks.



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Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 mm


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