Glock G 45 MOS SILC

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The Glock G 45 MOS SILC is the reply to a question we have received frequently here at The Glock Shop. “Will there be a Glock 45 mos?” Well, it’s here in stock and ready to be augmented by the RMR of your choice. R17 250 incl VAT seems quite a hefty price tag. It’s 4 K more than a standard but if you are in any doubt as to move onto the “Red Dot” sighting system rather have the option than buy the base model and have to fiddle with 2K’s worth of add ons to try and convert a standard Glock to a MOS. The G45 MOS SILC shoots perfectly without a red dot scope and visually the milled landing platform for the scope with the neat cover plate makes it almost indistinguishable from a standard model.

Glock G45 MOS SILC


The Glock 45 MOS (Modular Optics System) is described as a crossover pistol. Crossover?  Meaning that it has a full-size grip that holds a generous 17 round magazine, and a shorter, G19 length compact slide and barrel. The rationale here is to create great handling but still easily and comfortably concealed firearm. The G 45 has nDLC coating – the same coating as all the new Gen 5’s.  DLC coating uses a form of carbon. Once the carbon is coated, the surface is super chilled, much like how synthetic diamonds are made. The result is an extremely hard and wear-resistant finish. Hence – DLC -Diamond Like Coating.


Advantages of the threaded barrel Glock G 45 MOS SILC

The G45 MOS threaded barrel model (SILC as in silencer edition) enables you to attach a sound suppressor to your Glock “Safe Action” pistol.  The result of the increased barrel length is increased accuracy and velocity over the standard model. The G45 SILC (silencer) model has a left hand M13.5×1 thread and comes complete with a threaded barrel protector. Glock Threaded barrel SILC

Front Serrations FS Slide

Not only do the front serrations on the Glock G 45 MOS give the operator additional points of purchase to crank that slide. The front serrations also look Uber cool.  On the G45 MOS though it becomes an epiphany. The optic takes up most of the rear slide real estate and there is a natural inclination to start using the front serrations to crank the slide.


Glock G45 MOS Overall Design.

The overall design configuration of the new Glock combines the compact length of the G19 slide with the full-size grip frame of the G17. Just like the 19X.  All the new Gen 5 features such as improved barrel, smoother shooting trigger, ambidextrous slide stop, and reversible mag catch.  The grip has an improved texture for superior traction.  The new Glock comes complete with a Modular Backstrap System, which includes three different backstrap inserts to allow users to customize the fit of the gun to their hands. Finally, that ubiquitous little half-moon cut out found on the early Gen 5 grips is gone.

Glock G45 schematic

G 45 MOS SILC availability in South Africa

We do have limited quantities of the Glock G45 MOS SILC available at a price of R17 250 including VAT.

Full Specs on the G45 MOS available on the Glock EU website.

MOA and Red Dot Sights

Additional information

Weight 2 g
Dimensions 26 × 18 × 6 mm


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