Glock G44 Coffee Mug

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The Glock G44 coffee mug is the perfect gift for the Glock pistol enthusiast. This is an original OEM Coffee Mug from Austria. The design a collaboration between Glock and studios in Gmunden, a town in Upper Austria.  Made from fine, quality ceramic.  Über cool and understated. Very unique and consequently, not so easy to scale from you at work.

Glock G44 Coffee Mug Gift

If the wife is over you  getting a set of Cooper tires or a new winch as a gift,   expose the sensitive you – put a  mug on your Wishlist…

About this item

  • Glock 44 Mug
  • Color: yellow/black
  • Matte black exterior and inside black glossy
  • Content: 450 ml
  • Material: Ceramic

Additional information

Weight 1 g
Dimensions 200 × 120 × 5 mm


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