Glock IWB Kydex Holster – All Models

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Glock  IWB  Kydex holster. This page is for solid colours for all models. Comfortable and ideal for concealment.  Snugly fits Glock  Gen3/Gen4/Gen5. Black textured external/internal Kydex® construction. Furthermore, these holsters are available in OD (Olive Drab) and FDE )Flat Dark Earth.  Inside the waistband gun holsters, or IWBs, are a popular mode of concealed carry because they offer comfort and easy access to your EDC firearm. Suitable for private security, sports shooting, law enforcement or everyday carry (EDC).

NB Glock 43X Kydex Holsters

Currently the holster for Glock 43X and Glock 48 fit only the silver slide models i.e the models without the tactical rail.

Kydex Holsters

As a result of its mouldability and toughness, Kydex is an excellent material for making holsters. It has amazing hardness and scratch resistance.  Not only does it holds its shape better than leather or polymer it will not stretch or shrink under normal conditions. Most importantly for holsters, Kydex offers lower friction than other materials making drawing the firearm smoother and quicker. Finally, if you are looking for a long-lasting holster with little or no maintenance with quick re-holstering and quick draw characteristics – Kydex is for you.

Does Kydex Scratch my Glock

Over time, you may see wear points on the finish of the firearm. This is the case with all holsters. To minimize this wear and tear,  keep the holster clean, dirt, and dust free. The plastic that the holster is made from is far softer than Glock nDlc finish on Gen 5 models or even Tennifer finish on previous generations.  However, when dirt gets between the weapon and the holster it has an abrasive effect. Lining the inside of the holster seems like a solution.  However, linings only trap the dirt and make the effect worse. In addition, nylon fabrics, leather, and suede are all more abrasive by themselves to the gun finishes than just smooth, raw plastic. We recommend not holstering investment-class firearms because potential wear and tear can hurt their long-term value. For working EDC firearms expect that with time and use distinctive character marks will begin to show.

Matching magazine carrier for Glock

These Kydex mag pouches are now in stock. These are OWB. Click on pic to take you to the link.

Glock Kydex Mag Pouch



Additional information

Glock IWB Kydex

Glock 17 Black, Glock 17 FDE, Glock 17 OD, Glock 19 Black, Glock 19 FDE, Glock 19 OD, Glock 26 Black, Glock 26 FDE, Glock 26 OD, Glock 43 Black, Glock 43 FDE, Glock 43 OD, Glock 43X(silver slide) Black, Glock 43X(silver slide) FDE, Glock 43X(silver slide) OD, Glock48(silver slide) Black, Glock 48(silver slide) FDE, Glock 48(silver slide) OD


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