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The Glock Parts tray is quite diminutive. It measures 100 x 150 mm and is intended for the small parts from your Glock. Helps you keep components like spring cups, firing pin spring, spacer sleeve and firing pin safely on your workbench and not on your floor or in your dog.!!

The barrel, slide, frame etc are large enough that they don’t usually go missing when you sneeze.  Caution. This is definitely not sufficiently large to be able to serve two G&T’s with a bucket of ice.

The Glock Parts tray  is a GREY, it is moulded of translucent grey silicone rubber. The silicon rubber makes it stay put on your work surface, it also keeps small parts from rolling around especially due to the moulded dimples on the inside surface.

Perfect for small Glock parts. It’s meant to hold the small items such as pins, connectors, springs, etc. It has high walls that keep things from rolling out. It’s a soft robber that is fairly pliable and slightly confirms to the supporting surface. That is a good thing. Keeps it from tipping. It stays put and does not slide around.


  • size 150mm x 100mm
  • no slip rubber bottom also prevents the tray from moving

Additional information

Weight 30 g
Dimensions 65 × 45 × 3 mm


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