Glock Pistol Case with Lock

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Glock Pistol Case with lock is dimensionally equivalent to the case your Glock came with when new. The Glock lockable pistol case is suitable for one pistol and a few magazines.  This gun case is made of Glock black polymer which is extremely durable and impact resistant. The interior has egg-crate foam liner. As a result of two excellently engineered snap catches the case shuts securely. The handle is molded into the case so its a breeze to carry. What sets the case apart from the standard one? It is lockable.

Lockable Pistol Case

Integrated into the Glock Pistol Case is a sturdy cylinder lock with duplicate key. Does this mean I don’t need to lock my Glock in safe? Certainly not your legal requirements to the safekeeping of your firearm do not change. This is just an added security feature.

Additional information

Weight 2 g
Dimensions 43 × 32 × 5 mm


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