Glock Recoil Spring Assembly Gen3

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The Glock Recoil Spring Assembly for Gen3 Glocks.  This Glock Recoil Spring Assembly Gen3 comprises of a single spring element.   This element is assembled together with a central guide rod. When should I change my Glock recoil spring?  How long does a Glock recoil spring last? Please read on for that information.

How long does a  recoil spring assembly last?

A single spring element demonstrates linear damping.  The Glock Gen 1 to Gen3 recoil spring is constructed of stainless steel with a chrome silicon spring. Furthermore it is cold drawn and heat treated before fabrication. This spring should last 5000 cycles before replacing is required.


When Should I change my Glock recoil spring?

Glock Engineers recommend spring replacement after 5000 cycles. This is as result of the spring getting weaker after many cycles.  A fatigued spring does not decelerate the slide sufficiently. The shock load of the slide coming to a rapid high G-force stop will eventually start to break internal parts such as the pins, the locking block and even portions of the frame itself.

Glock recoil spring parts diagram

Gen 4 recoil spring assembly

 The Glock recoil spring design is such that it can not be extended beyond its elastic limit. This is because the spring is fixed into an assembly. The “slide travel”
length is fixed as well. QED In normal use it simply can not be compressed or stretched beyond its limit. Some may argue that it thus should never need replacing.
The rapid recycling of the slide during the firing sequence does create pulsated stresses though. Although below the elastic limit, these stresses will lead to creep and
relaxation of spring tension over time. Hence the importance of changing it out at about 5K rounds on a Gen1-3 spring.

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Weight 0.5 g
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 mm
Glock Recoil Spring Assembly Gen3

Glock 17, Glock 19


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