Prescription Shooting Glasses

R799.00R1,198.99 including VAT

This price INCLUDES your prescription insert to correct your vision either close or distance. Please discuss your precise vision requirements with our expert team.

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Prescription Shooting Glasses from R799.00 including  VAT

Prescription shooting glasses are now an affordable reality.  Eye Armor, Prescription Ballistic Safety Glasses.  In addition to offering eye protection, the Rx insert will furthemore give you crystal clear vision. A consequence  of being over 45 is that you  battle  to keep that front sight sharp?  Prescription safety glasses are the solution.   Correct your vision for presbyopia. These glasses are available for immediate dispatch left or right eye dominant shooters. Choose between  1/1.5/2/2.5/3 diopters. R799.00 incl VAT.  How do I choose my diopter?  What strength do I need?  GO HERE

Crisp front sight for pistol shooting R799.00

Eye Armor Prescription Shooting Glasses
Front Sight Clarity Only L or R Eye. R799.00

Distance Vision Corrected Shooting Glasses R999.00

Battling to see the target clearly?  Single vision distance correction has never been easier for shooters.  Did we mention cheaper as well!  Now Myopic shooters ( close objects appear clearly, but far ones don’t.) can correct their vision. All as a result of Prescription Ballistic Safety Glasses for just R999.00. A recent eye test is required for us to accurately supply you with the correct lenses for your eyes. Allow 7 working days for processing.

Prescription shooting single vision glasses
Distance Vision Correction Only R999.00


Distance and Front Sight Correction Combination R1199.00

This is a unique Eye Armor  prescription safety glasses offering for only R1199.00. Keep your front sight sharp and your target clear and crisp. The system is only effective if the shooter is experienced in keeping both eyes open whilst shooting. Ideal for those competitive shots who may be experiencing difficulty in keeping the front sight sharp as they approach the mid forties. Allow 7 working days for processing.

Prescription Shooting glasses
Front Sight and Distance Correction R1199.00



Prescription Ballistic Safety Glasses

Packed in a stylish hard zipped hard case with belt hook. In addition to three interchangeable lenses, the glasses come with an Rx insert. Furthermore, we include a soft glasses pouch and a soft microfibre cleaning cloth.  Send a recent optometrists script and we will take care of the rest.  Within 7 days you will receive your stylish prescription made to order shooting glasses.*

prescription shooting glasses set

Optimized for all light conditions

Eye Armor prescription shooting glasses come with three (3) easily interchangeable lenses. The result of multiple lenses is that these safety glasses lenses cover the full spectrum of lighting conditions a shooter will normally encounter. Bright African sun to misty dim afternoon light. Furthermore these lenses all exceed  ANSIZ87.1-2010 and offer UV protection

smoke grey prescription shooting glasses lens


  • Clear Lenses: Optically Clear Ballistic Polycarbonate lens ideal for indoor shooting ranges.
  • Yellow Hi Contrast Lenses: This innovative coating is an effective solution for all activities that alternate exposure to bright light and low light.
  • Smoke Lens:  Outdoor use only. Filters UVA and UVB (99.99%). As a result It provides maximum protection from solar radiation. Additionally maintaining colour accuracy and integrity.

e prescription shooting glasses inserts


Rx Prescription Shooting Glasses for a Variety of Eye Scripts

To keep your vision crisp Prescription Rx inserts are available from -8 to +15 diopters.    Furthermore, choose from a range of options like bifocal and progressive lenses at slight additional cost.

Over 45 years old – Keep that Front Sight Sharp:

If you are 45 or older you may be suffering from Presbyopia. As a consequence you use reading glasses.  Are considering corrective vision shooting glasses?   Please read this article to assist you with your safety eyewear script and selection.



Prescription Safety Glasses for Shooting


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Weight 0.5 g
Dimensions 100 × 70 × 50 mm
eye armor

front sight correction R +1, front sight correction R +1.5, front sight correction R +2, front sight correction R +2.5, front sight correction L +1, front sight correction L +1.5, front sight correction L +2, front sight correction L +2.5, distance correction, front sight and distance correction


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