Truglo Tactical Micro Laser

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The Truglo Tactical Micro Laser is designed to fit the shorter rails found on concealed carry handguns. Ideal laser for a Glock 26 and Glock 19.   This micro laser is a universal fit. Consequently it will also work on any standard Weaver or Picatinny accesory rail.  As a result of utilising the next generation diodes and superconductors, this  Laser is super-efficient.  Available in Green and Red.* (currently only in red)

Truglo Microtac laser gunsight

Mounting the Truglo Tactical Micro Laser

Mounting the Micro Laser is simple.  Included is a 2.5mm Allen key. The procedure is you loosen the mounting screw to allow the laser guides to slip over the rail you are mounting the laser on.  Once positioned on the tac rail of your Gen3/4/5 Glock, you tighten the mounting screw to secure the laser. That’s it.

Activating The Truglo Laser

Twin laser activation buttons are located on the left and right side of the laser housing.   Only give a light press and the tactile feedback will tell you the laser is good to go. Furthermore, to preserve the battery, the laser activation module will automatically turn off the laser after 5 minutes.  Don’t stress though. The Truglo Tactical Micro Laser will start slow pulsing for an additional minute before shutting off.  The laser operates on LR626 button cell lithium batteries.  As a result of higher energy demands of the green laser, it requires 6 batteries. The red laser requires only 4 batteries.  Battery life is approximately 60 minutes of constant beam time.  Using pulse mode extends battery life.

Perfect Laser for a new Glock 43X RAIL

The new Glock 43X and the Truglo Micro tac laser are a perfect match. The compactness of the laser make this an easy to conceal platform for the perfect self defence solution.




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Truglo Tactical Micro Laser

Green, Red


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