Truglo TFO Green Yellow

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Truglo TFO Green Yellow Glock sights deliver exceptional all-round capability.  Yellow fiber-optics intentionally appear less bright than green. As a result, it increases the contrast between the front and rear sights. Consequently, it makes it intuitive to keep the front sight sharp and increase your accuracy.  Especially in high-stress situations. Truglo TFO gun sights encase the fiber optic and Tritium vial in a steel element. Truglo uses the term “hermetically sealed and cased in a steel fortress”. The consequence is to say goodbye to any possibility of a fiber optic rod coming adrift in a critical moment.

Truglo TFO Schematic

What are Truglo TFO Night Sights?

TFO gun sights are the most revolutionary combination of Tritium + fiber-optic technologies. The Tritium maintains the brightness level of the sight in low-light (or no-light) conditions. That means you can see your sight, and keep the same glowing sight picture, through all lighting conditions. Tritium sights do not need batteries and do not need to be charged with light—they simply glow!

Truglo _TFO_Glock

Blinding daylight or pitch darkness.

The result of fiber optics and tritium is a clear and reliable sight picture in the pitch dark or bright African sunlight.   Furthermore, the sight employs a quick and accurate U notch design. Finally, the angled rear sight is designed so it can be racked on a belt or other object when the fingers are slippery or a hand/arm incapacitated.Truglo Tritium Pro

Swiss Tritium

Truglo TFO Green Yellow uses a Tritium filled capsule to pass light through to the fiber optic rod. Consequently, this fiber optic/tritium assembly performs exceptionally in daylight and at night. Tritium is a radioluminescent light source. As a result, the sight glows by itself at night. No exposure to a light source is required.  Truglo uses only the finest Swiss produced Tritium that sells at an eye-watering R400 000.00 a gram. A low energy beta emitter Tritium is not dangerous unless ingested.

Ideal for Glock

The Truglo TFO Glock night sight is the perfect partner for you Glock “Safe Action” pistol. The sights are snag-free. Most importantly, they fit comfortably into standard Glock holsters.



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Truglo TFO Green Yellow

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