Truglo Tru Point Laser Light

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The Truglo Tru Point Laser Light has a 200 lumen white light with a narrow focused beam. The bright white light is paired with a 650nm red laser. The Truglo Tru Point Laser Light has  three modes. Light only. Laser only. Light and laser simultaneously.  Cycling through these modes is simple. The light has a toggle switch which positively engages one of the three modes.

Furthermore the TruPoint has a quick-attach/detach mount to fit the unit to an accessory rail.  Small enough to fit on a full-size handgun, it can also attach to  a carbine, rifle or shotgun.

Activation of the light is achieved one of several ways. A lever on the back of the TruPoint has either instant-on (up) or constant-on (down), and two lever units are provided for left- or right-handed shooters. Also, a pressure plate switch is provided for mounting on a long gun with a vertical foregrip or directly to the fore-end. TruGlo makes it easy to light your way in the darkness.

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Weight 0.5 g
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 mm


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