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Aimpro red dot is specifically designed to suit the CAA “Roni” carbine conversion for Glock “Safe Action” pistols. CAA MCK co-witnessing is the first advantage.  The 33mm objective aperture gives the wide field of view essential for a CQC (close quarters combat) platform. The ability to change reticle size from a large 40MOA to a 5 MOA precise aiming point enables you to seamlessly change from a CQC rôle to that of precise cover fire at the flick of a lever. These uniques and tested features make this the ideal Roni Red Dot.

CAA MCK co-witnessing

The ability of the Aimpro red dot to co-witness precisely with your existing CAA flip up sights is a huge benefit. As a result it offers redundancy that is so essential for a weapons system that your life may count on.

Co-witnessing red dot sights

Roni Red Dot or Green Dot

The Aimpro Red Dot  DCQR offers the best of both world’s. Red and Green dot. There is a wealth of research on which dot colour is more suitable for a gunsight. Target acquisition times priority?  Low light vision capability. Unfortunately a lot of this research is in fact contradictory.

Physiologically, relating to the human eyes, our long cones see red and our medium cones see a tiny bit of red. Both long and medium cones  see a lot more green—more shades, more depth, more vibrance—than any other colour. It appears green is our colour. The brain reacts faster, we process more of it. So does that mean it works best for an optic?  Why don’t you be the judge and select either the red or green reticle on your Aimpro red dot.

Aimpro red dot; Aimpro red dot;

Available in FDE :The Aimpro DCQR is available in FDE. Suitable for your Roni in FDE or OD (olive drab)

  • Large Field of View
  • Red or Green Dot Option
  • 4 reticles included
  • Black or FDERoni Red Dot; CAA MCK red dot


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Black, FDE Tan


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