CAA Roni MCK Gen3

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CAA MCK Gen 3.

The new CAA Roni MCK Gen 3 is on the shelves in our stores and available online.   CAA, USA has improved upon the CAA MCK Gen2. One of the most notable innovations is you can now keep using the red dot optic mounted on your Glock incorporating it into the conversion kit. The MCK GEN3 chassis not only allows a seamless and perfect fit with an optic-mounted pistol, but the user will not have to zero the optic when using it with the conversion kit.  It is a simple process to insert and lock with the pistol-mounted optic in place.

MCK Gen3

Slide Fouling

Interestingly, another common concern from CAA’s USA customers was the fouling of the slide during operation and the consequent need to clean your Glock more often than usual. Interesting because I have never had an issue with this in SA. Perhaps ammo is a lot cheaper in the US and hence the problem as the average user burns through more rounds? However, as a solution to this fouling issue, the guys at  CAA came up with what they call the  “Car Wash System.” Using a process similar to drive-through car washes, the built-in pistol cleaning system has a brush/bristle system to clean the front of the slide during cycling, removing carbon build-up, without damaging the slide’s finish.

MCK GEN3 Features

  • MCK “Car Wash System” cleaning system
  • Use your Glock in the MCK with a red dot mounted
  • Ability to aim and shoot with the RMR while attached to slide inside the MCK
  • Adjustable Stabilizer height adjustability
  • Ambidextrous folding stock for right and left-handed shooters
  • New charging handle system
  • New easily removable front adaptor
  • Removable rear and front top Picatinny rails
  • Now you can use a larger 40mm diameter suppressor on the pistol

Additional new features found only on the MCK GEN3 include a new charging handle system that uses a backplate adaptor, thus negating the reliance on the slide serrations to cycle the handgun, and the awkward two fingered recommended charging grip. Removable rear and front top Picatinny rails that allow the user to better customise their MCK GEN3 chassis along with an improved spare magazine holder that operates with a magazine catch and magazine release button.

cocking style



The CAA Roni carbine conversion is built from a tough polymer; injection moulded around an aircraft-grade aluminum spine that supplies additional strength to the platform. You can purchase the following items individually from The Glock Shop to make your own custom Roni.

  • Flip-up sight set
  • Quick-release swivel
  • One point sling
  • Thumb rests
  • Torch
  • Red Dot Sights

Roni Buyers Guide

Roni Buyers Guide
Roni Buyers Guide South Africa

Additional information

Weight 2200 g
Dimensions 400 × 300 × 350 mm

Black Glock 17/19/19X/45, Black Glock 26, Black Glock 43/43X, Black Glock 20/21, FDE Glock 17/19/19X/45, FDE Glock 26, FDE Glock 20/21, FDE Glock 43/43X, OD Glock 17/19/19X/45, OD Glock 26, OD Glock 20/21


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