Glock 25

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The GLOCK 25 chambered for 9mm short (380 auto).  As a consequence it  has noticeably reduced recoil compared to the equivalent frame size G19 chambered in 9 x 19mm.
Seems like advocates of 9mm short will argue that the less recoil you are forced to deal with, the faster you’ll be able to shoot to any given level of precision.  The result is  that translates into being able to deliver more rounds on target in a specific time frame.
Law enforcement agencies only can purchase the Glock 25 in the USA.  Finally the G25 is available and in stock in South Africa.

By way of comparison between the two calibers here are some basic statistics.
9mm short                                                                                  9mm Parabellum
Bullet Diameter             9mm                                                      9.01mm
Maximum Pressure     148 MPa                                                 235 MPa
Velocity                         1050 fps                                                 1150 fps
Bullet weight.               90 grain                                                   115 grain


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