Glock 26 Gen5 FS MOS

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The Glock 26 Gen5 FS MOS is sometimes unkindly referred to as the “Fat Baby” of the range. After shooting these new pistols, I can assure you that they are accurate, utterly reliable, ergonomically pleasing and user friendly. But then the new G26to put it in simpler terms, they’re Glocks. Plus, they come with a host of extra features.



The Glock 26 FS MOS (Modular Optics System)  The G 26 has nDLC coating –   DLC coating uses a form of carbon. Once the carbon is coated, the surface is super chilled, much like how synthetic diamonds are made. The result is an extremely hard and wear-resistant finish. Hence – DLC -Diamond Like Coating.


Front Serrations FS Slide

Not only do the front serrations on the Glock 26 FS MOS give the operator additional points of purchase to crank that slide. The front serrations also look Uber cool.  On the G26 FS MOS though it becomes an epiphany. The optic takes up most of the rear slide real estate and there is a natural inclination to start using the front serrations to crank the slide.


Glock 26 FS MOS Overall Design.

All the new Gen 5 features such as improved barrel, smoother shooting trigger, ambidextrous slide stop, and reversible mag catch.  The grip has an improved texture for superior traction.  The new Glock comes complete with a Modular Backstrap System, which includes three different backstrap inserts to allow users to customize the fit of the gun to their hands.

Glock 26 Gen5 FS MOS


G 26 FS MOS availability in South Africa

We do have limited quantities of the Glock 26 FS MOS  available at a price of R13999.00 including VAT.

Full Specs on the G26 FS MOS are available on the Glock EU website.

MOA and Red Dot Sights

Additional information

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Dimensions 26 × 18 × 6 mm


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