Glock 28

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The Glock 28 is chambered for the  easy-handling and mild mannered 9mm short (.380 Auto). Sub compact frame with a ten round capacity the Glock 28 is easily concealable and ideal for an ankle holster or ladies clutch bag.  Interested in firing a Glock sub-compact “safe action” semi auto?   Get more details by going to:

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Glock 28

Customers can now buy the  diminutive Glock 28 in South Africa. The Glock 28 is extremely easy to conceal in a pocket/clutch bag or ankle holster. The 9mm short (380 auto) cartridge is a low recoil and mild mannered calibre. The arguments about the merits and criticisms of 9mm short could fill a library.   One can not dispute it has been one of the most popular self-defense rounds internationally for the past century. Why don’t you be the judge yourself. Sign up for a “Glock Experience” at The Glock Shop.  Shoot a Glock 28. Furthermore  fire the full range of sub compacts in 9mm short, 9mm Parabellum , 40 Smith and Wesson and 45 automatic colt pistol. Consequently  you be the final judge.


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