Glock 42

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The Glock G42 weighs just 390 grams making it the smallest Glock pistol currently produced.  Pick up a G42 for the first time and you will immediately be impressed with the balance and how well the pistol points as well as how comfortable it is in the hand. Why don’t you book a “Glock Experience” and fire this remarkable semi auto on our boutique shooting range in Sandton.


Glock 42

The Glock 42 semi automatic pistol caliber 9mm short (380 auto) is built to the same exacting standards as the double-stack Glocks. It has that unmistakable signature look, only smaller. The Glock 42 is 150mm long 105mm high and 23mm wide and weighs in at 390 grams unloaded.  Nor surprisingly at this time the smallest Glock available.

G42 9mm short (380acp)

Scaling down a full frame pistol design into a sub compact requires complex and detailed engineering. What is fascinating is to see how much of this sub compact pistol remains the same as other Glock models. Although the Glock 42 does not carry the Gen 4 badge it has many similarities with current Gen4 models.
The sights consist of the factory standard polymer white dot front, white bracket rear. Internally, the pistol employs the same striker, short-recoil operated, locked-breech barrel and Safe-Action trigger system as its larger siblings. The recoil spring assembly with progressive spring rate features as the same as other Gen4 models.  The slide catch, magazine release and take-down lever are actually the same size and shape as those found on the Gen4 pistols.

Glock 42

Most noteworthy about the Glock 42 is that it has the same trigger and trigger guard dimensions of the compact and full frame models.  The trigger itself is the same size and shape as the triggers used on the Gen4 pistols. As a result it has the same travel distance. Perfect then as a backup to your full framed 17 or compact 19.
Shooting the G42 as you would expect is extremely comfortable. The perceived recoil produced by the G42 is mild with standard ammo and  the full-size sight picture provided by the standard factory sights I find perfectly adequate.

Read more about theG42-Slimline at Glock EU


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