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The Glock 43X MOS. The “slimline” 9X19″ Para pistol features a micro-optic-ready factory-milled slide and a slim rail. Note should be taken of phrase “micro optic ready”. This means that the 43X MOS will not accept the many RMR (ruggedised red dot) sights out there. That includes our own Truglo micro tec. It will only will fit micro red dots like the  Shield

Glock 43x MOS red dot options

The 43X MOS ships from the factory with standard with Glock polymer “iron sights.”  There are various Red dot options. The Shield RMSc  is one of the smallest Red Dot Optics on the market at present. It is  slim enough to be mounted on single stack slides like the Glock 43X.  Purpose designed for the Glock 43X MOS.

Reflex optics (MOS) allow you to look through the reticle and focus on the target and alignment of the dot. The slim design allows the optical sight to be closer to the shooter’s line of sight and eliminates the need for co-witnessing sights by allowing visibility of the standard GLOCK sights through the lens of the optic. Improved accuracy, quicker target acquisition and versatility are benefits.  MOS pistols have become increasingly more popular for home and self-defense and are an ideal options for confined space operations.

The G 43X 10 shot mag.

Let’s just start here. One of the biggest enquiries we receive on a daily basis is: “Do we stock extended magazines for the Glock 43X?” The reply is consistent: “If Glock could make a reliable extended 43X mag – they would – but they don’t.”  Realistically, a deep conceal firearm is the last weapon on earth you want to experience a jam with.

The very nature of deep concealment means that this firearm is only going to be used in extreme situations. Countering life-threatening events that require immediate action. The keyword being immediate. Just no time (or space) for a tap/rack. For me,  10 reliable shots far outweigh the additional few rounds that could compromise the reliability of the pistol.

Enter the Glock 43X MOS

In one brilliant design upgrade, Glock has made the world’s best “deep conceal” pistol, better.

The major visual indications of the Glock 43X vs Glock 43 is the extended grip to facilitate the ten round mag. An accessory rail on the 43X with black nDLC finish.  Finally, the FS or forward serrations now appear on the 43X RAIL.”

The Glock 43X MOS is so easy to carry concealed.  It fits easily into a pocket or handbag.  The Glock 43X MOS is seriously accurate and fits all size hands from petite to dinner plate. This is a consequence of the grip having a built-in beavertail design. The result of which allows the shooter to acquire a high and tight grip. Did I mention with no chance of slide bite?  In addition, the aggressive texture of the grip surface allows for maximum traction. Furthermore, the large reversible magazine catch makes quick work of removing the ten round mag.

Finally engineering is based on the same high standards that GLOCK is famous for.  The slimline G 43X tolerates the same torture tests all its bigger brothers in the GLOCK pistol family.

Glock 43X Rail

Glock 43X-MOS Cerakote

In the example above the frame of this 43X Rail has been Cerakoted. Cerakote provides a durable wear-resistant surface. Furthermore, it enables your Glock to be truly unique. The Glock Shop offers a full range of Cerakoting services for your custom Glock project. Contact Simon Stewart directly on 079 495 9195 to discuss your requirements.


Check the tightness of the screws depending on ammunition and frequency of use. If a torque wrench is available the optimum torque is 1.5 Nm / 13.3 lbf. inch. If you often need to screw on and unscrew your Shield red dot sight make sure to apply a drop of thread locking adhesive to the thread of the screws. Loctite 243 is available in 0.5ml packs from the shop.

What Shelby Lasater, GLOCK, Inc has to say:

Shelby Lasater, GLOCK, Inc. Director of Marketing  has this to say about the Glock 43X:

“Engineered with the GLOCK perfection promise, the two new models are the first Slimline pistols to offer an MOS option and are ideal for shooters everywhere.  The versatility of the Slimline MOS models give them the adaptability and ease of use for concealed carry, target shooting, law enforcement, and competition which make them a new favorite.”


Will a Glock 43X magazine fit a Glock 43? 

Detailed Specifications at : Glock EU

Glock 43X Magazine



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