Glock Entrenching Tool

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The Glock Entrenching tool – an indispensable piece of kit. Ray Donovan always keeps one in the boot of his CLS.


The Glock entrenching tool is a versatile digging tool. The e-tool (as folks in the US military refer to it)  is a useful piece of kit. Take one on your next field trip. The Glock Entrenching Tool comes complete with an attachable saw and pouch. This multipurpose tool can be used to dig a shallow trench around your tent to channel off rainwater.

“Soek Steek Stok”

Yip, it works for mines as well as for roots and tubers. Use the Glock entrenching tool shovel earth onto the remains of your campfire to keep it from flaring up after you’ve left. Finally, you may just want to use this tool when you nip into the bush for a call of nature.

Glock E-Tool is a Spade Shovel Hoe and Saw

The Glock, unlike the other entrenching tools, has a telescopic folding handle. It comes with a saw that is attachable to the handle.   The added advantage is that the shovel blade locks in three different positions which enables it to work either as a spade, a shovel, or a hoe and of course a saw.

Glock Entrenching Tool E-Tool


  • Very high build quality
  • Innovative 3 in one design, can be used as a spade, a shovel or a hoe
  • I like the telescopic design more than the other folding shovels available on the market
  • Integrated saw blade
  • Compact to carry

Additional information

Weight 5 g
Dimensions 63 × 40 × 50 mm


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