Glock Recoil Spring Assembly Gen 5

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The Glock Gen 5 recoil spring comprises of two coaxial spring elements.  These elements are assembled together with a smaller, central guiding rod and a larger tube.  The assembly is similar to the recoil spring assembly used in the sub-compact models of the Glock.

Glock Gen 5 Recoil Spring
Glock Gen 5 Recoil Spring

Variable Spring Rate:

The result of a dual spring assembly is that the spring rate becomes variable. A single recoil spring (like gen3  Glocks) demonstrates linear damping. The variable spring demonstrates progressive damping which smooths out recoil. This dual spring assembly also deals with the stronger recoil and pressure spike of the  40 S&W calibers.  Constructed of stainless steel with chrome silicon springs.

Keep your Glock in perfect working condition

Glock Engineers recommend replacing your recoil spring after 5000 cycles. This assembly will not work with the Gen2 or Gen3 or Gen4 Glocks

Additional information

Weight 150 g
Dimensions 255 × 19 × 25 mm
Gen 5 Recoil Spring

G17/G34, G19, G26


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