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The Roni Case – robustly constructed and well-padded storage case for you CAA MCK. Just what you would expect from CAA.

The Gen4 Roni does not come with a case. It comes in a sturdy cardboard box. The carry case is only included in the more expensive  kit which is also available ex stock.

 Roni Case keeps your carbine in perfect condition:

This case is not as watertight and dustproof as a Pelican. It’s also not as expensive. Nevertheless, it has an excellent seal and will keep your Carbine Conversion from knocks and scratches dust and rain.

The shop is offering a great deal at the moment.  A new CAA MCK with a genuine carry case for only R6995 incl VAT.  There is a massive advantage of having a sturdy purpose-built carry case. Not only does it serve to protect a pretty hefty investment – 6.5K -but when you start to add a few accessories, it makes sense to have them all in a cushioned and secure home.

Additional information

Weight 30.00 g
Dimensions 60.00 × 43.00 × 5.00 mm


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