Truglo Splatter Target

Call for Price


Available in a 6 pack, the Truglo Splatter Target is ideal for shotguns, handguns and rifles. 250 x 250 mm square. Enhanced visibility at point of impact by a fluorescent green halo.  The Truglo Splatter Targets flat finish with fluorescent green  background is easy to see downrange.  In addition the target comes with self-adhesive replacement dots.  Hugely extending target life is the result.

Peel and Stick.

Either shoot the target as is or peel and stick the target to your favorite backstop or board.  As a consequence of the fluorescent background shot groupings are easy to see from a distance. The result is spotting scopes are not a necessity.   Finally the Truglo Splatter Target is printed on heavy stock paper with a self-adhesive backing for increased target life.


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