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Glock G 49 MOS caliber 9 mm Parabellum is a typical Gen5 Glock MOS pistol. These specifications include a grip frame that lacks finger grooves and has a flared magazine well and interchangeable backstraps to customize grip size. Slide-stop levers are placed on both sides of the frame, and the magazine release button is reversible.

Furthermore, the G49 has a  a  Glock Marksman barrel with polygonal rifling and a target crown. Finally as a MOS (“Modular Optics System”) model, the slide, which has serrations on both the front and rear, is cut to use a wide variety of electronic optics through the use of an adapter plate system.

When Glock introduced its G47 its frame had a dust cover the length of a Glock 19. This raised the possibility that a Glock 17-length slide could be placed on a Glock 19 frame, yielding the long slide/short grip length combination that some people prefer. This is exactly what the limited-edition Glock 49 MOS is.

Glock 49 MOS


Taking the Crossover Project Further

The G49 is sometimes jokingly referred to a a Glock 19L Gen5. The fact is that there are tons of users who carry a Glock 19 as their EDC pistol. Many of those would actually prefer to have a longer barreled pistol

but to maintain the shorter more concelable G 19 grip.

To accommodate the short recoil spring, the G47’s slide has an extended recoil spring tunnel designed specifically to work with the shorter recoil spring. The principle is the same as Glock does with the G17L and G34.

G 49 MOS Specifications:

The result of its full-size slide/compact frame is a pistol with an

  • overall length of 202mm
  • with a 114mm barrel
  • and a height of 128mm yielding a longer barrel and sight radius with a grip that is easier to conceal.
  • It weighs 630 grams.
  • Magazine capacity is 15 rounds using standard Glock 19-size magazines.

Should we call the G49 a G49 MOS

This is a pet peeve of mine. As  The G49 only comes out in a MOS version.  Is it not redundant to call it a G49MOS?  You decide!

Glock G49 MOS and MOS adaptor plates

A heads up here that the G49 ships without a complete set of adaptor plates like a G17/19/34.  It ships with the #2 plate {Trijicon, Holosun (except 509), Ameriglo} among other sights. These adaptor sets are available in complete sets of 4 from The Glock Shop.

A further note on this is that adaptor plate sets come in both nDLC and Tenifer finish to suit Gen 5 Glocks and the Tenifer the Gen3/4 Glocks

  • #01 Docter, Meoptra, Insight, Vortex, Burris
  • #02 Trijicon, Holosun (except 509), Ameriglo
  • #03 C-More
  • #04 Leupold, Eotech


MOA and Red Dot Sights

Additional information

Weight 2 g
Dimensions 26 × 18 × 6 mm


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