Truglo micro red dot MOS

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The Truglo micro red dot MOS is ready to attach to your new Glock “safe action” MOS configuration pistol.  The micro red dot incorporates favorite features of the TRU•TEC line in an ultra–lightweight and versatile profile, including digital push-button brightness control and an idle auto-off system to save battery life. Furthermore, the 23 x 17mm multicoated objective lens has a 3 MOA dot reticle. The result? Lightning-fast target acquisition.


I really love the ability to keep both eyes open and find my target. To be able to place the DOT on the target in a second or two tops is a winner. However, one difficulty I have with red dots is trouble seeing the color red under low light conditions. The 3 MOA red dot helps to see under low light conditions as a result of ten brightness settings.  These brightness settings are available at a push of the button. The Truglo micro red dot MOS is super easy to install. Simply select the #1 MOS plate from the plate kit supplied with your Glock and the Red Dot is ready to go in minutes.

Super Easy Install

Red Dot installation step 1
Step 1. Remove Slide Recess Cover Plate
Red Dot Instalation Step 2
Insert Glock #1 or #5 MOS plate
red dot installation step 3
Tighten MOS plate with the 2 x M3-6 supplied


This Red Dot for Glock is simple to dial in with the elevation and windage adjustments. One feature that I really like is the locking set screw that prevents adjustments from moving. A small (included) Allen key loosens the adjustment screws and allows the shooter to dial in the “dot” just as you would crosshairs from a traditional scope. After sighting in, lock the set screw to prevent vibration or unwanted adjustments.

Glock Suppressor sights

An excellent way to ensure that your Glock co-references with the iron sights is to fit a set of Glock suppressor sights.


The Glock Modular Optical System (MOS) ~ Simon Stewart



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