Glock GTL 22

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Glock GTL 22 is super a bright, functional tactical torch. Designed for your Glock “Safe Action Pistols.”  Attaches simply and quickly onto the Glock accessory rail.  Not the prettiest tactical flashlight out there but like all things Glock, it works when you need it.

Glock GTL 22 will remove the darkness

The GTL 22 is a high-quality product that features a red (visible) laser that can be zeroed for pinpoint accuracy. The laser functions either independently or in conjunction with the Xenon light. Light and laser are manipulated by a centrally placed mode switch. All this is housed in a tough polymer casing. The mounting mechanism allows the user to attach and detach the light in a few seconds without the need for any tools

Additionally, a hard polymer storage case, a replacement bulb and an adjustment tool for the laser are included with this GLOCK Tactical light set.
The GTL 22 additionally features a dimmer function, allowing the user to adjust the light intensity as required.

Available GLOCK Tactical lights:

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Glock Tactical Torch Batteries

Can you believe that batteries are not included?  Personally, when a manufacturer of a high-value item doesn’t include batteries in the price of the item it makes my blood boil. As a result, the Glock Shop will send you a complimentary set of batteries with your purchase. The shop also stocks spare Glock GTL 22 bulbs if you ever need extra.

Full Specs from Glock EU



Additional information

Weight 0.5 g
Dimensions 32 × 24 × 5 mm


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